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Sue Janowski M.S.
Director of Admissions and Part-time School Counselor
4192224276 Ext.2015
Eric Kuhlman B.S.
Social Studies Instructor (World History, Pop Culture, Freshmen Focus)
Social Studies
419-222-4276 ext.2308
Michael Kahle B.S.
Theology Instructor
4192224276 ext.2525
Angela Kohler-Schneider B.S.
Administrative Assistance
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2003
Victoria Lauck
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2004
Martha Kroske B.A.
Fine Arts Instructor (Art, Yearbook, Digital Photography)
Fine Arts
419-222-4276 ext.2208
Emily Miller B.S.
Events Planner/Communication Specialist
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2628
Edmund Misiakiewicz B.S.
Social Studies & Technology Instructor
Social Studies
419-222-4276 ext.2303
Scott Palte M.Ed.
Intervention Specialist
419-222-4276 ext.2202
Taylor Purdy M.Ed, B.S.
School Counselor/Social Worker
419-222-4276 ext.2400
Regina Reynolds B.A.
Spanish Instructor
World Languages
419-222-4276 ext.2206
Pat Shanahan B.A.
Development Coordinator
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2103
Deb Schenk M.S.
Science Instructor (Chemistry, Health, College Anatomy & Physiology)
419-222-4276 ext.2606
Austin Stahr B.S.
English Instructor
419-222-4276 ext.2204
Colin Stolly B.A.
Math Instructor
419-222-4276 ext.2307
Melinda Taflinger B.S.
Intervention Specialist
419-222-4276 ext.2202
Trudy Thompson M.A., M.N.S.
Math Instructor
419-222-4276 ext.2305
Stephanie Watkins
Athletic Assistant
419-222-4276 ext.2023
Dona Williams
Business Office
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2002
Rosie Williams
Intervention Specialist
Support Staff
419-222-4276 ext.2302