Who may attend LCC?
Any person who has successfully completed the 8th grade or is transferring from another accredited high school may enroll. Students enrolling in LCC are expected to be of good Christian moral character.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend LCC?
Presently about 35% of the student enrollment is non-Catholic. However, all students are required to attend religious services and religion classes.

How strenuous is the academic curriculum?
Students are expected to do at least 2 hours of homework nightly. Summer reading is expected for all English courses.

What technology is available at LCC?
All students are issued individual iPads for use during the school year and a one-to-one classroom philosophy exists. Students are also required to take a semester-long Technology Mastery course, Introduction to Technology Concepts. In addition, a number of advanced technology electives are available. Courses are taught in our state-of-the-art Center for Science and Technological Studies. Presently there are two computer labs for student use. Computers are also available in the Media Center and the Resource Center. The entire school is served by a wireless network and all teachers have laptops and the ability to use online resources during their classes. Teacher email addresses are available for easy and fast communication with parents and all students have email accounts to aid in communications. Parents may also keep up with their student’s progress by accessing grades on-line with a special login and password.

Are there courses available for advanced and special needs students?
Yes. There are a number of advanced courses in all grade levels for our students. The College Credit Plus program enables students to take a number of recognized college courses for credits that transfer to almost all colleges. AP Biology is available as well.

The Center for Academic Excellence program works with a limited number of students to help re-mediate problems they may have in some of the basic courses. Special schedules are made for these students so they may experience success in high school and be able to pursue regular courses after their freshman year. This program is designed to have frequent teacher/parent contact.

Are there uniforms at LCC?
Yes, all students are required to be in the approved school uniform. Specifics of the uniform are found in the LCC Student Handbook. At times students may dress casually for school, with the approval of the school administration.

Is there transportation to LCC?
Yes, a number of the local public schools bus students to LCC. For students who drive, there is ample parking in the school lot.

What kind of extra-curricular activities are available?
There are a number of extra-curricular sports and clubs and organizations available for students (for a full list please see the Student Life tab in the menu). LCC has a long tradition of excellence in athletics. We currently field 23 varsity sports for both boys and girls. Students can also participate in activities such as National Honor Society, Language Clubs and Quiz Bowl. Approximately 90% of our students are active in sports or other organizations.

What is the tuition and is there financial assistance available?
Each year, the LCC Governance Board adjusts the tuition. Tuition does NOT cover the entire cost of educating each student. We rely on donations and fund-raising activities to make up the difference. Each year, students’ families may request financial assistance. This is done privately and confidentially.

What is the student : teacher ratio?
Approximately 15 to 1.

What makes LCC so unique?
LCC takes great pride in forming a Catholic community/family. Our Catholic heritage makes us realize that we have a ministry to help in the religious formation of the young. For all of us at LCC, students come first. Our mission is to help students realize their God-given talents and discover how they can serve the rest of humankind. LCC believes that every student is an image of Christ, and must be treated with the utmost respect.