Service Learning

Participating in acts of service is another requirement for all LCC students in order to develop lifelong habits which cannot be taught in the classroom. For a complete education, one does not simply learn about faith from a book; our students must also learn to live it. Service hours are an opportunity for Christian learning and living the gospel message.

The goals of the LCC service program include a deepened understanding and experience of the principles of Catholic social teaching, particularly human dignity and solidarity, a growth in self-awareness, a stronger integration of spirituality into the student's life, and a broader sense of community. In the end, our hope is for our students to be prepared for a future defined by sacrifice for the good of others. When participating in service, a student is able to move outside of their normal, daily routine and encounter the face of Jesus in the people they serve. These opportunities provide our students with powerful paths to God and real-life examples of the social issues facing our world today.

Service Hour Requirement

Every LCC student is required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each year of high school. Four (4) of those hours are to be served at the student’s parish or within the church community. It is important that our students understand that acts of service mean going beyond what is expected of them and completing acts without expectation of receiving anything in return. This means that service hours completed for family members, which would be expected, or being paid or compensated for acts of service may not be counted. 

Service hours may be completed any time throughout the year. Hours served during the summer months are allowed to be counted for the following school year. All hours are to be documented through Innerview where pictures and reflections will be recorded. It is important to note that service hours are a graduation requirement and must be completed at the end of each year or the final Theology grade will result in an INC.