Picture of Jennifer Patterson

The Lima Central Catholic Department of Campus Ministry organizes and implements activities that focus on the spiritual value and life of the school. By implementing a purposeful approach to bring forth Christ’s real presence in our daily lives, we hope to assist our students, as they grow into mature and responsible Christians in the Roman Catholic tradition. The department organizes and implements activities that focus on the spiritual value and life of the school – worship, prayer, retreats, as well as parish and community outreach and service, and finally student support. Many resources and activities are offered to aid in the spiritual growth of the students, faculty, and staff.

There are several goals of the Department of Campus Ministry and these goals are not accomplished in isolation. Rather, Campus Ministry's role is to weave into every aspect of school life. Our goals include:

  • To communicate and proclaim Jesus’ gospel message and to provide a wide variety of opportunities for the LCC student to deepen their understanding of Jesus’ message.

  • To encourage involvement in the celebration of our faith and to encourage students to share their unique gifts in ministry to others.

  • The foster the spiritual growth of each person associated with the LCC community.

  • To raise consciousness and encourage action regarding contemporary moral and social issues in our world.

  • To support the goals and objectives of our school/curriculum as it relates to the Theology Department as a whole.

This community, this family, relies on all of us. Our dedicated faculty, our top-notch staff, our supportive parents, our generous alumni and supporters, and of course, the reason we get-up everyday….our students!

If you haven’t been here in awhile, we invite you to come back and experience what all of us are so blessed to enjoy every single day.

We are one body in Christ, and we do not stand alone!

Lindsey Krile
Director of Campus Ministry