Most schools today are still operating on the manufacturing model of education in that students attend school in an assembly-like manner. High school students travel to approximately eight 45-minute class periods a day where the teacher lectures. The student is expected to digest this information and the teacher is the sole giver of information. There is little interaction between the teacher and student during class time.

In order for our students to be better prepared to be successful in college and in a modern workforce, LCC incorporates the educational methodologies such as Blended Learning, creating a Cooperative Classroom and Project Based Learning. Students will be asked to view lectures and other educational material at home and arrive the next day prepared to put this knowledge into active learning activities.

The infusing of the Core Content Standards into our curriculum clearly communicates what is expected of students at each grade level. This will allow our teachers to be better equipped to know exactly how to help students learn. There are fewer standards than in the past thus giving teachers the time needed to teach core concepts and procedures as well as time to give students the opportunity to master them.

The AIR assessment is given online. Students will be ready to deal confidently with this assessment having had the practice they need with their iPad.

Giving our students technology will enhance the learning of each and every student. Resources and information will be at their fingertips.


  • Allow for all-encompassing use of technology by teachers, students, staff and administration

  • Prepare students with the skill set of the 21st century learner and professional

  • Create content which will demonstrate deeper understanding

  • Ability to provide immediate feedback

  • Greater teacher-student interaction


  • Windows – cheaper to purchase…more expensive to run/maintain

  • Dell – hardware supplier

  • Apple – total solution:

    1. Hardware

    2. Training

    3. Technology planning

    4. Staff development

Apple has emerged as the number one educational technology company. Their professional development is specifically geared towards instructing teachers how to be the most successful in their classroom.


  • Support essential skill areas:

    1. Encourage complex communications

    2. New media literacy

    3. Supports self-directed and interactive learning

    4. Makes editing and animation easy

    5. Allow greater creativity

    6. Create virtual tour guide

    7. Allows for mobile data collection.

    8. Greater opportunities for students with learning disabilities

    9. Creation of more personalized and student-centered learning

    10. Move away from reliance on textbooks

There is more and more conversation as to whether or not textbooks have become a thing of the past. The teachers at LCC use the same textbook they now have but quickly add to and almost “build” their own curriculum from the thousands of apps that Apple offers. They are able to teach concepts versus facts. No longer will the textbook be the curriculum. They are able to have students do research right in the classroom. Students are asked to view a short lecture either by the LCC teacher or any other source the teacher finds. Thousands of videos are now at the teacher’s fingertips. Learning takes on a whole new level as students will have researched/read/viewed material prior to their class and enter ready to evaluate, synthesize and apply what they have learned. Discussion is the rule, not the exception.

Teachers are able to utilize any space in the building to conduct class, gather data, instead of being locked into a computer lab. Teachers are able to communicate with their students outside of the building providing help and/or feedback.

The use of iPads in the classroom opens up a whole new world to our students. Learning is something they better enjoy and understand. Education is now in the “world” in which they live. With this also comes more responsibility for their learning. They are expected to come prepared to their classes in terms of viewing material online. 

LCC is proud of our one-to-one iPad implementation program. We are excited to have our students be empowered and more responsible for their learning