Thunderbird Parent Club

MOTTO: Once a T-Bird Parent Always a T-Bird Parent!

The Thunderbird Parent Club is a volunteer group dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and supporting the educational development and achievements of our LCC students. All LCC parents, faculty, alumni, Lima Catholic elementary school parents, and supporters are invited and encouraged to support and to participate in our monthly activities/events.

Thanks to the generous support of our LCC parent/family volunteers, the Thunderbird Parent Club is able to fund some activities and allocate resources for faculty requests. Costs associated with the recognition of student achievement, teacher appreciation meals, educational materials, and teacher education are often financed by the efforts of the Thunderbird Parent Club volunteers.


November 1, 2023 Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

December 4-7, 2023 Snacks for Students Before December End-of-Course Testing

December 19, 2023 Merry Christmas Donuts, Bagels & Coffee for Staff

January 18, 2024 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

January 31, 2024 Staff Appreciation Luncheon for Catholic Schools Week

April 2024 Snacks for Students Before April End-of-Course Testing

May 6, 2024 Staff Appreciation Day

May 7, 2024 Staff Appreciation Day


Chandra Nott 419-230-1316
Tina Pignataro 419-303-4128
Linda Seffernick 567-204-1549
Carla Simmons 419-302-4074
Patsy Skinner 419-604-0043
Angela Terrill 419-905-7167
Marta Truex 567-825-8992

Parent volunteers sign up to donate items, funds, and their time for several teacher meals provided during the school year. The LCC teachers and staff greatly appreciate the wonderful hospitality and generosity from the volunteers of the Thunderbird Parent Club. 

The Thunderbird Parent Club provides volunteer and financial support to recognize and to promote academic achievement at LCC. The Academic Letter Award Ceremony held in the spring recognizes all sophomore, junior, and senior letter award winners. The Thunderbird Parent Club volunteers assist the Guidance Department in organizing/setting up for the ceremony. They also provide funding for academic awards and refreshments. Our generous parent/family sponsors make this award ceremony possible. The next Academic Letter Awards Ceremony will be held on February 2024, date TBD..

LCC Driveway T-Bird Fundraiser
The Thunderbird Parent Club sponsors a fundraiser for all of our supporters and fans. Using a specially designed stencil, a Red or Blue T-bird and/or LCC logo will be painted near the end on your driveway, unless you specify a different location. The non-toxic paint is wearable and will start to fade off your driveway in approximately 3-6 months, depending on weather. The option to retouch the painted images annually (late summer) will be available.

The Thunderbird Parent Club depends on parent/family volunteers and donations to carry out its mission to support LCC. Please HELP us by becoming a volunteer and/or making a donation. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!