Every year LCC conducts an Annual Fund Campaign. We solicit our parents, teachers, alumni, local parishioners and our friendly local businesses to support LCC through this campaign in various ways. You may receive a letter in the mail or a call from one of our current students during our annual phone-a-thon asking you to contribute. Student ambassadors volunteer for this important service to LCC and enjoy the contact with our alumni, many of whom report back to us how much they enjoyed chatting with our students.

The Annual Fund Campaign is the ONE fundraiser that supports all aspects of LCC! There are always expenses associated with a building that is over 60 years old, from updating restrooms to updating technology. Add the expenses of constantly changing curriculum and reasonable salaries and benefits for excellent staff members and you have a very huge bill!

LCC CANNOT AFFORD TO PASS ON THE ENTIRE COSTS OF EDUCATING OUR STUDENTS TO THE PARENTS THROUGH TUITION! If we did so, our enrollment would decline because very few families could afford the full cost of educating their student. The goal of the Annual Fund Campaign is to ultimately increase our enrollment by making it more affordable for families to send their children here. Your donations to the Annual Fund Campaign each year help to keep tuition rates reasonable for parents while affording LCC the opportunity to maintain its facilities and infrastructure.

Lima Central Catholic’s eighth annual ONE DAY OF GIVING to benefit the Annual Fund will be on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. All donations made that day will be matched!