Special Academic Programs


The Career Mentorship Program is a partnership between the school and the community that provides the opportunity for students to observe community members at work in their field of choice.

Students who have earned an academic letter are eligible to apply for participation in the program. Information about the program is distributed to all academic letter award winners at the presentation ceremony each spring along with an application form. All interested students must complete the application and submit it for review to the principal by the end of the semester prior to the one the student wishes to participate. In the case of the fall semester, the application must be submitted by the first day of school.

If a student is accepted into the program, every effort is made to match the student with an appropriate career professional during the following semester. Ideally, the program requires a minimum of ten hours with a mentor over a seven-week period plus time for the associated documentation and final paper. All time spent on the mentorship program is to be outside of the normal school day.

There is no grade issued for participating in this activity but students who complete the program earn .25 credits. The credits are not counted in calculation of a student’s GPA.


LCC encourages its students to enrich their educational experience by taking courses outside of LCC and transferring these credits to their academic record. Many online courses are available to LCC students through the EDUCERE at an additional cost. Please contact your school counselor for more information. 

The credits for all outside courses will be transferred to LCC and appear on a student’s transcript if the student receives a passing grade in the course. The grades received in these courses will not be used in the calculation of a student’s grade point average and will be recorded as a pass/fail course on a student’s transcript. Students who wish to pursue this option need to seek the permission of the Principal and the appropriate department chair, prior to registering for any courses, by filling out the LCC Contract for Online Class. The form is available in the Guidance Office or by clicking here.