All eighth grade students who plan to attend LCC, or who are considering attending LCC, are required to take the LCC Placement Test  also known as the PreACT 8/9.

The exam takes approximately two and a half hours and tests students in English, reading, mathematics, and science. The test results are considered, along with recommendations from the student’s eighth grade teachers, for placement into freshman classes at LCC. The score report also helps to guide teachers with their instruction based on the needs of the students.

Beginning in 2013, scholarship opportunities at LCC based on scores were made available. Renewable scholarships ranging in value up to $1500 annually are awarded to the top 10 scorers.

The LCC Placement Test has already taken place for this school year. Another administration will take place during the spring/summer. The Admissions Office will reach out to any applicants who have not tested to schedule this required test.

If you have any questions please contact:
Sue Janowski
Director of Enrollment Management and Freshmen School Counselor
Lima Catholic Schools