FAQ and Guidance Forms

How can I check my student's grades? 
LCC uses "ProgressBook". At the beginning of the school year new parents and students are given login information for ProgressBook. If you have any questions about ProgressBook, please call or email Sheila Hairston (419-222-1826 or shairston@apps.lcchs.edu).

Who is my child's school counselor? 
There is no definitive way to find out who your child's school counselor. If your child doesn't know already, please either call the guidance office (419-222-1826) or email one of the counselors. 

What are the actual duties of the school counselors? 
Our mission is to facilitate each student's personal/social, academic, and career development. This is accomplished through guidance and counseling lessons in the classrooms, one-on-one meetings in our offices, and activities throughout the school year that promote good decision making and healthy choices. Our efforts are collaborative with the administration, teachers, students and faculty. We try to help students become responsible, self-reliant and self-advocating young men and women so that when they go on to college, career or military, they will have learned how to become productive citizens. 

Should my son/daughter take the ACT or SAT? 
Students in our are typically take the ACT. Almost all Midwest schools will accept this college readiness exam. If, however, your student is considering East or West coast schools, then they typically like the SAT. Check each college's website to see what they prefer.

When should my son/daughter take the ACT? 
Many of our college-ready students take the ACT 1-2 times during the sophomore year in order to qualify for our CCP classes in their junior year. The last day to take an ACT for CCP classes is the February ACT test. For other students, it would be wise to take the test sometime during the junior year. There is a state-funded ACT that is administered to all juniors in the state of Ohio during the second semester of their junior year. Taking the ACT at least one more time beyond the free junior ACT would be helpful. The higher the ACT, the more likely that you'll get a better score which increases your admission chances and scholarship opportunities. 

What is the FAFSA? 
This is the Free Application for Financial Aid. Every college will require applying students to register through this service. You should NEVER pay when filling these forms out. FAFSA is FREE! This application becomes live on October 1st each year. Many colleges have deadlines for this to be filled out. Please be mindful of those deadlines!