The college application process begins in August of a student's senior year. However, steps can take place before then to prepare for this important and time-consuming process. Please click on the most recent College Application Guide to use as a reference during this journey. Many students either apply through the CommonAppCoalition for Access, Affordability and Success, or through the college website. If a student applies through a college website, he/she will need to request transcripts and submit that form with an addressed envelope and stamp to the guidance office. Transcripts and LORs (Letters of Recommendations) must be requested 2 WEEKS prior to the deadlines.

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Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success


College visits are encouraged during a student's junior and senior years. During that time, a student is allowed four unexcused visits. A College Visitation Form must be filled out, signed by a parent, student and guidance office and submitted to the main office 2 DAYS before the visit.