Thunderbird SGO

Act now to make a difference with the Thunderbird SGO!

Donate before submitting your tax return and claim the credit when filing your Ohio taxes.

With tax credits, the dollars come back to YOU by either reducing your tax bill, or increasing your refund!

  • How do I know how much to give? Individuals can give up to $750 and joint filers can give up to $1,500. You’ll receive a credit for anything below your Ohio tax liability. Check line 8C on your Ohio IT-1040 form. That is your Ohio tax liability before credits like these.
  • How do I claim the credit? Enter your donation on line 15 on the Ohio schedule of credits and attach the receipt we provide.
  • If I typically receive a State refund, do I still qualify to give? Usually, Yes! These are dollars you will pay or already have paid the state.

3 Easy Steps to Direct your 2023 Taxes

1) Donate online at or by mailing a check payable to: Thunderbird SGO, 720 S. Cable Rd., Lima, OH 45805. If married, filing jointly, include both spouses’ names on memo line.

2) A donation receipt and gift acknowledgement letter will be sent immediately by email (if giving online) or by mail if the donation was by check.

3) When you or your tax professional prepare your Ohio tax return, take the tax credit for the amount of your gift (up to $750/$1500), and submit the donation receipt with your tax form.

*This information does not represent financial or legal advice. Consult your financial or tax advisor for your individual tax situation.