In an attempt to provide convenience and save money for our families, Lima Central Catholic offers student activity passes that can be purchased each year by current LCC students. The pass gives students admittance to all athletic events hosted by Lima Central Catholic, as well as dances and other activities sponsored by the Student Senate each year.

What does the Activity Pass cover?
All athletic events hosted by LCC, with the exception of OHSAA tournament events. Due to seating limitations in our gymnasium, some events will require students to obtain a ticket to allow us to track available seats, but the ticket will be free for those who have purchased the Activity Pass, and they will be guaranteed a ticket as long as it is obtained during the pre-sale period. Students who have purchased an Activity Pass will also have a higher priority for purchase of tournament tickets for OHSAA tournament games.

At the Varsity level, there are usually 4-6 home football games, 10 home Volleyball games, 14 home soccer matches for both boys and girls, 9-12 home boys’ and girls’ basketball games, 1 home wrestling match plus the Thunderbird Wrestling Invitational, as well as numerous JV, freshmen and junior high events.

All dances hosted by LCC will be included in the Activity Pass, with the exception of Prom, which is a Senior/Junior event. The pass will also cover other extracurricular activities sponsored by the Student Senate, which has included pizza parties and “Movie & Popcorn” nights in the past.

A Spirit Shirt will also be included in the price of the Activity Pass.

What is the cost of the Activity Pass? How much will it save?
The cost of the Activity Pass is $100.00.

The gate prices for football and boys’ basketball games alone would cost over $100, and the other events would exceed $100 as well. Students who attend more events will save more money, but the average student savings should make the purchase worthwhile.

Why should an Activity Pass be purchased?
First, it will save money. Second, we hope that offering a pass will reduce the number of times students ask parents for money to attend games, dances, etc. Third, we hope that this will improve student attendance at the so-called minor sports events, which do charge a small admission price and may prohibit some students from attending. Last, don’t forget the Spirit Shirt!

When will the Activity Pass be available for purchase?
The Activity Pass will be available for purchase in the Business Office on schedule pick-up day and any time thereafter. A few days will be required to process the pass.

What if I do not purchase an Activity Pass?
The Activity Pass is not required; students will be able to purchase tickets/passes to individual events at the regular price.