Endowed Seats

The home side of the Msgr. Herr Gymnasium comfortably accommodates over 450 people in bucket seats. Many generous supporters sponsored these seats at the time the new gymnasium was dedicated in 2002, and continue patronizing LCC sporting events from the seats they originally purchased. Brass tags identifying the sponsors of the endowed seats are permanently affixed at the time of purchase. Sponsors are given the first opportunity each year to buy reserved seating with the purchase of season tickets for all sporting events in the gymnasium.

There are a limited number of bucket seats still available for sponsorship at $300.00 per seat. Original seat sponsors may purchase additional seats for $200.00 per seat, and those who contributed to the capital campaign for the Herr Gymnasium may purchase endowed seats for $250.00 per seat. The proceeds of all endowed seat sales benefit Thunderbird Athletics. If you are interested in supporting LCC by sponsoring an endowed seat, please contact the Athletics Office by emailing jschnieders@apps.lcchs.edu or phoning (419) 222-4276, ext 2023.