Since the fall of 2001, Lima Central Catholic has offered classes through Rhodes State College. Students enrolled in a Rhodes State College class are permitted to utilize the Academic Success Center located on the Rhodes State College campus. The Center offers tutoring services, workshops, seminars and resources for all enrolled students. All services offered through the Center are free.

      Incoming juniors or seniors interested in the Rhodes classes should meet the CCP requirements and schedule for these classes during scheduling in February. Please contact the Guidance Office with any questions.

      Rhodes Courses Offered at LCC:

      Junior Curriculum:

        Juniors – College English

        COM 2110: Public Speaking - 3 credit hours

        COM 1110: English Composition - 3 credit hours

        PSY 1010 – Psychology (Fall Semester) – 3 credit hours

        SOC 1010 - Sociology (Spring Semester) – 3 credit hours

        BIO 1110 – Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credit hours (Offered all year)

        Senior Curriculum:

        Seniors - College English

        COM 2400: Composition & Literature - 3 credit hours

        LIT 2210: Introduction to Literature - 3 credit hours

        FIN 1250: Personal Finance - 3 credit hours

        BIO 1110 – Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credit hours (Offered all year)

        BIO 1120 – Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credit hours (Offered all year) - must have BIO 1110.

    CCP Application Instructions:

    Rhodes State College

        Rhodes State Transcript Request:

          Click here to request a transcript from Rhodes State for college courses taken at LCC.